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Can this global crisis be an invitation for transformational growth and conscious awakening?

Think about the times in your life you experienced transformational growth.  Did they happen after facing a major change, challenge, or crisis in your life?  For me and many of my clients, deep transformation happens after times of struggle, pain or loss.  Facing challenges in our lives can direct our attention inward which is an opportunity for us to truly assess who we have become and explore who we really want to be.
These challenges can create new energy and motivation that can be directed to fuel real transformational change.  The bigger the challenge we face in our lives, the greater the potential for transformational growth.  So how can we direct the energy and emotion we are feeling to support our transformational journey?  I invite you to join us to learn how.
After seeing the suffering that this crisis was causing in the world, I was pulled by spirit to create this event to be a positive force of healing in our lives.  I brought together various experts I knew that could help guide us through this crisis and transform it into a journey of healing and conscious awakening.
Are you ready to accept the invitation to turn your crisis into a path to conscious awakening?
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6 Pillars of Transformation Photo by Ron Coquia, Transformational Productions

Understanding the Journey

Day 1 - Introducing the Path to Conscious Awakening

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Having been an explorer of personal growth and transformation since 1988, I uncovered a universal structure to the transformational process called the 6 Pathways to Radiance.  These pathways are designed to expand our conscious awareness and develop transformational skills to help us master our emotions, our beliefs, and our actions.  This webinar will lay the essential path for the transformational journey of awakening that we are on.
6 Pathways to Radiance Diagram by Ron Coquia, Transformational Productions
Featuring Ron Coquia - Radiance Coach, Creator and Producer,
Transformational Productions

Join us in this Free Online Transformational Event

September 7 - 18, 2020, daily at 5:30 PM Pacific Time

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Join this free online event and gain access to the event recordings.
Day 1
Sunrise by Ron Coquia Transformational Productions

The Pathways of Presence and Peace

Day 2 - Resolving the Real Crisis - Your Emotional Suffering

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Fear, anxiety, stress, frustration – these are some of the overwhelming emotions that so many of us are facing in today’s crisis.   When your negative emotions accumulate and go unresolved, they can pull you into a downward spiral of emotional suffering, adversely affecting all aspects of your life and your well-being.  The real crisis is not the challenging circumstances in your life.  It is the stress, anxiety and unchecked emotions that are drowning you.  Cedric Bertelli will help us to understand what is really happening when we get overwhelmed with emotion, and how we can easily resolve the emotional pain through a natural process based on the latest in neuroscience.
Featuring Cedric Bertelli - Founder and Director of the Emotional Health Institute

Day 3 - Your Pain Can be a Path to Conscious Awakening

Carolyn Ulitsky Headshot
As human beings we are wired to avoid pain, so when we feel pain in our body, we immediately try to resolve the pain.  What if blindly forcing the pain to disappear was robbing us from hearing the message our mind and body trying to tell us that could actually enrich our lives and awaken our greater consciousness?  What if the pain was a sign from your being that something is wrong, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally that requires our conscious attention?  Carolyn Ulitsky will take us on a journey to understand the deeper cause of our pain, and how we can start to uncover and resolve the deeper source of our suffering.
Featuring Carolyn Ulitsky - Master Certified BodyMind Coach and Muscle Therapist, SomaWise Muscle Therapy

Day 4 - Working Through Post-Traumatic Stress During the Crisis

Sofie Pirkle Headshot
In this silent crisis, we find ourselves with more time alone.  Without the go, go, go of our busy lifestyle to distract us, we may feel the full force of our Post-Traumatic Stress.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), when it goes unchecked, can wreak havoc in our lives especially during this global crisis.   Sofie Pirkle will help us identify symptoms of PTSD and understand what we need to do to start to resolve it, so we can get back to feeling more centered and productive.
Featuring Sofie Pirkle - International Trauma & Cult Recovery Educator, Badass Leaders
Day 2
Day 4
Day 3
Seattle copyright 2013 by Ron Coquia of Transformational Productions

The Pathways of Perspective and Possibility

Day 5 - Overcoming Loss and Developing Inner Resilience

Kimi Avery Headshot
In recent times, many of us have faced different types of loss.  From losing the ability to do the things we once loved to experiencing the loss of a loved one who fell ill, almost all of us had experienced some type of loss in our lives.  When we are constantly bombarded with stress and challenges from this crisis, it is difficult to heal from the loss we experienced.  Kimi Avary will help us understand how to overcome loss and build inner resilience.  She will guide us through a unique and powerful process to grieve and heal the loss we feel deep within us.  When we resolve our grief, we are better able to step into the love, joy and possibilities in our life.
Featuring Kimi Avary - Relationship Navigation Specialist, Conscious Couples Network

Day 6 - Expand Your Perspective to Transform Your Life

Lucinda Hayden Headshot
When we are overwhelmed in times of crisis, we can get consumed by our distressing thoughts, fears, sorrow, or anger.  We can feel trapped and unable to see the way through our suffering.  How can we expand our perspective to see the real possibilities that can positively transform our life?  Lucinda Hayden will help us understand how our limited perspective stops us from experiencing the freedom, creativity and joy that is our birthright.  She will guide us in a powerful process to connect to our larger perspective, so we can consciously lead our life with our whole self and experience true freedom.
Featuring Lucinda Hayden, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Focusing Practitioner, Focusing with Lucinda

Day 7 - Breaking the Illusion of Not Being Enough

Gittaheadshot1000px v2.jpg
What is in the way of being fully conscious and manifesting your dreams?  For many of us, it is the limiting belief that I am not enough.  One of the ways to resolve this belief that is holding us back from our greatness is to learn to fully connect with our whole self.  Gitta Sivander will be guiding us on a journey to help us understand why we feel insufficient and how we can reclaim all the parts of us that we may have left behind, so we can feel powerful, grounded and connected to the fullness of our whole being.
Featuring Gitta Sivander - Co-Active Coach, Sivander Coaching, LLC
Day 6
Day 7
Red Fireworks

The Pathways of Purpose and Power

Day 8 - Staying Centered & Conscious in this Emotional World

Kiran Patel Headshot
How can we continue to progress on our journey of personal growth without getting pulled into the spiral of emotions that so many people are experiencing during the crisis?  Kiran Patel, will guide us on a powerful journey to help us stay centered and grounded in the presence of others even if they are being pulled by the collective fear, anger and anxiety triggered by the events of the crisis we face.
Featuring Kiran Patel, M.A., C.Y.T. - Empowerment and Communication Coach

Day 9 - Resolving Addictions to Reclaim Your Self

Eva Angvert Harren Headshot
In times of crisis and increased stress, we may find ourselves being pulled by addictive urges. Whether its binge eating, TV watching, shopping, alcohol, drugs, sex, social media or video games, our addictive behavior can feel like a relief from the stress that we are facing.  But our addictions can also make us feel out of control and pull us away from who we really want to be and what we really want to do in life.  Eva Angvert Harren will help us understand how we can start to resolve the underlying causes of our addictions, so we can free ourselves to live the life we want to live.
Featuring Eva Angvert Harren - Somatic Integral Coach, BEAM LiFE Coaching

Day 10 - Uncovering Abundance in Times of Crisis

Marlene Elizabeth Headshot
When we are in crisis, we fear the unknown and how it could affect our life and livelihood.  We fear that the changes in the economy could affect our job, business and our money.  How do we shift our outlook from fear of losing money we worked so hard to earn to one of financial growth and possibility?  Marlene Elizabeth will help us uncover opportunities for greater abundance even in this time of crisis.
Featuring Marlene Elizabeth - Money-Mindset + Spiritual Life Coach
for Female Entrepreneurs, MONEYWINGS™ 
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
City Of Lights San Francisco Purple Copyright Ron Coquia Transformational Productions

The Journey to Radiance

Join us to sign up for this online event and have access to the event recordings

Day 11 - Uncover Your Radiant Flow

Jamie Lu Headshot
Imagine how life would be if you could live consciously in alignment with your whole being, connected to unconditional love and joy.  You would be in flow, trusting the greater wisdom inside of you and allowing your deeper wisdom to lead your life towards your radiant destiny. Jamie Lu will help us to understand what it takes to learn to flow with the fullness of your consciousness and the radiance of your whole being.
Featuring Jamie Lu - Telepathic Sound Healer & Mentor, Love Rising

Day 12 - Integrating what You've learned and Continuing Your Radiant Journey

Ron Coquia Headshot
Transformation doesn't happen from just learning and expanding your knowledge.  It comes from integrating what you learned into your life and taking action to make the changes that will lead real growth and transformation.  How can you apply what you learned from this event into your life, so you can continue your journey of conscious awakening?  Join me as we explore the transformational practices that could best support you on your journey of conscious awakening, so you can live with more joy, freedom and inspiration.
Featuring Ron Coquia - Radiance Coach, Creator and Producer,
Transformational Productions
Day 11
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