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Are you ready to reclaim yourself,

your life and your destiny?

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Radiance is the freedom, joy and aliveness that comes from letting go of all that you are not and embracing the truth of who you truly are.

Deep down inside, do you feel unhappy, uninspired or unfulfilled? Maybe it is a relationship where you don’t feel completely supported or loved for who you are. Maybe it’s a career that doesn’t feed your soul and leaves you feeling empty at the end of the day. Whatever it is, your life no longer feels like yours because it doesn’t represent who you are today. It has become a barrier that is holding you back from who you truly are and your evolution. You may have read personal development books, attended various workshops and hired various coaches and holistic practitioners, but you still feel like you haven't reclaimed your life and your true freedom. I know how you feel because I've been there. 
In my 30-year journey exploring the field of personal development and transformation, I experienced many transformational modalities with limited success. As a former engineer, I wanted to know the answer to real transformation, so I went on a quest to reverse engineer what it takes to truly transform yourself and your life. After many years of exploration, I found that there is an underlying framework and dynamic that no one was teaching. It wasn't just knowing the most effective transformational techniques, but knowing how and when to apply them to create the transformational shift that you are wanting in yourself and in your life.  
I discovered that there 3 forces that are shaping every moment of your life. The key to true transformation is to become conscious of these forces and learn to consciously transform them. Only then will you uncover the freedom, joy, and inspiration of truly living your life.  I call this Radiant Consciousness. I have spent years reverse engineering this transformational process, finding the most effective transformational modalities, and simplifying it into a unique and powerful framework of transformation that will accelerate your conscious awakening and empower you to live your life.  

Want a Taste of the Journey?

Your journey to reclaim yourself, your life and your destiny begins when you realize that the answers can’t be found "out there."  They are buried inside of you under layers of emotions, limiting beliefs, and an outdated identity that masks your true self.  I have created a coaching process that is specifically designed to help you uncover and resolve these layers so that you can uncover the confidence, joy, and aliveness that is the real you.
Get Started by Uncovering the Unconscious Block that is the Source of Your Stagnation 
For a limited time, I am offering a free 30-minute powerful mini session to help you expand your consciousness.
  • Experience a unique and powerful process that will uncover the unconscious block that is stopping you from progressing forward.
  • Learn about the three forces that are shaping your life every waking moment so that you can truly become consciously aware. 
  • Get personalized guidance with the challenges you are facing on your unique transformational journey.
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Ron Coquia
Radiant Consciousness Coach and Creator
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Success Stories


Ron Coquia is one of the most authentic, open-hearted, insightful and graceful leaders of transformation that I have come across in my 20 years in the industry.  Ron brings his whole self, his whole heart and a wealth of personal experience to his coaching sessions.  With a core confidence that exudes wisdom, Ron has led me to deeper insights into myself than I could have come to on my own.  His verbal expression is concise and exemplifies the love and pure possibility with which he holds each and every one who passes through his experience, no matter what their needs may be.  My suggestion is to grab hold of this budding master teacher while a closer connection with him is viable before his career explodes!

Carol Piro

Women's Voice Empowerment Coach

Working with Ron has yielded some of biggest personal growth I’ve ever had. His ability to get on my level and hold dedicated space for me during our conversations is a true testament to his radiance-guided purpose in this life. I knew that I had pent up emotions, but now thanks to working with Ron, I know how to recognize when emotions come up and how to process them in a healthy way so they don’t stay trapped inside of me at the expense of my body. Now I’m in touch with the multiple layers inside of me that comprise my experience, and with how to tap into the core source of my being - of who I am- thanks to the unveiling of my radiant self session. Because of that, if at anytime I feel the weight of the world pressing down on me, I can redirect my thoughts into the center of my radiant core Self and rise above whatever ails me (a tool that I now use daily).  After that unveiling, my next major breakthrough with Ron was when he helped me walk through the trajectory of my radiant life vision for myself and the next 20 years that lie ahead. I can now confidently say that I know what my radiant future looks like when in service to my highest good, and I can’t wait to manifest that destiny for myself. These moments and revelations while working with Ron have been like gems in my heart. Now that I have them, they can never be taken away. Never again will I feel vulnerable in the ways that used to plague me. My life is forever changed for the better. 

Ashley Sofia Dawn Woodbury


I felt alive again, after a very long period of struggle, anxiety, self-doubt, and going back on forth about what I should do vs what I want to do. Ron helped me get really aligned with my true purpose and my true passion in my business and my life. And he gave me permission to go on a path that once brought me a lot of guilt, but I now realize that it is my true path and purpose. I had too many insights to even name, but the best part was walking away feeling at ease, happy, peaceful, and loving my life and what the future holds for me. Ron is an incredible, insightful coach and visionary, and he is such an amazing steward for bringing about an individual’s best and highest self. He is able to see the best version of you and hone it down and make it real in such a short time! Ron is really talented at his craft. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Chinh Pham
Empowerment Expert, Speaker

I was at a turning point of my life when I encountered Ron. I was longing for changes and self- improvement. However, I constantly confined by my own insecurities and felt rather scattered a lot of the time.  I never tried life coaching  before I met Ron, and I wasn’t clear what I should work on. Through the sessions, Ron was great on guiding me, analyzing my situation, and moved me forward in a short period of time. His coaching sessions are nurturing and effective. They make me feel comfortable and confident. After few sessions with him, I have overwhelming feelings of peace and calm and a feeling of certainty of my future. I have gone from doing things that I thought I needed to do, in a very hurried, disconnected way to being the person who is centered and be pleasant to be around. I also feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown deeper.  The coaching is transforming, and I started to connect with myself in a very joyful way.  THANK YOU, Ron.

Xiaomin Yu

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