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About Transformational Productions

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Ron Coquia
Radiant Consciousness Coach and Creator
Hi, my name is Ron Coquia. I created Transformational Productions to help people uncover their true Radiance, so they can experience more joy, freedom, and passion for life. What I have learned from my journey of awakening that began in 1988 is that true success, happiness, and fulfillment cannot be found outside of ourselves. It can only be found by peeling back the layers of self-judgment, fear, emotional triggers, and limiting beliefs in order to reveal the most powerful and authentic part of you. This is your Radiance, and when you embrace your Radiance, your life transforms into one that you love.
Over the last 30 years, I have created a unique fusion of transformational coaching tools and techniques to help people resolve their emotional conflicts, transform their limiting beliefs, and uncover their true Radiance. What drives me is the deep feeling of fulfillment after helping my clients come alive and feel the joy, love, and confidence of being who they truly are at their core.  

Transformational Productions is a convergence of my love for personal growth, transformation, innovation, technology and art.  

My vision changed my life, inspiring me to leave my information technology career so that I can live my Radiant destiny and uncover the truth of who I truly am.

Inspired by a Vision

There I stood, in front of a door that led to my destiny.  With an uneasy feeling of fear overpowered by curiosity, I turned the door knob and gently opened the door. As I stepped through, I found myself immediately surrounded by a glowing fog of light, but this was no ordinary fog.  It felt like the glow of freedom, love, and joy.  As I explored and took in the experience of this powerful light, I started to see this fog transform into millions and millions of little lights surrounding me.  The more I explored, the brighter and more distinct the lights became.  It looked like a city of lights.  As I continued to explore, I started to realize that these lights were not lights from street lights or buildings.  Each individual light emanated from a person, and I was surrounded by millions of people.  The light came from people who had uncovered their true joy, love, and inner power.  It was the light that came from sharing the unique gifts that each inspiring person brought into the world. 
The light represented the awakening of the Radiance of each individual, untainted and free to shine the truth of who they really are.
At the center was a ring of 6 interconnected lights, representing 6 people holding hands in synergistic inspiration, joy and wisdom.  As I now saw the links between each of the lights, I noticed that each of these 6 individuals inspired thousands of others to shine their light.  This seemed to have created a chain reaction.  As each one shone their radiant light they inspired many more to shine, and they in turn inspired even more people to shine, until the world was covered in a million points of light.  This enlightening inspiration of Radiance illuminated the world to create a massive and beautiful "City of Lights."

As I brought my attention back to the center, I realized that there was one light that felt so familiar.  Its energy felt like my own.  Could it be me?  Moved deeply, I pondered this new possibility.  Is this the future me, who had found a way to dissolve his deepest fears and insecurities?  This is the version of me that had resolved his limiting beliefs and let go of the suffering from painful memories of the past?  Is this who I become after I embrace the fullness of my potential, my joy, my unconditional love, my true gifts, and my Radiance?  Reflecting inward, I realized it was me.
This was not a dream.  This was a vision I uncovered in 2012, during a powerful coaching session that was part of my training to become a certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) coach.  

Built with Creativity and Innovation

As a child, I was a little inventor.  Whether it was an award winning robot Halloween costume with blinking lights, a rocket powered radio controlled vehicle, or unique functional art that lit up and decorated my room, I absolutely loved creating things.  What drove my passion for life was a curiosity for how things worked and a desire to invent something that was unique and functional.  That passion continued throughout college as I pursued a degree in Engineering.  It continued to drive me after I graduated, where my inspiration led me to become a high level technology manager and leader for the tenth largest city in the United States. 
I now bring that same passion for creativity and innovation in the transformational processes I create for myself and my clients.  It started in the early 2000's when I began trying to understand what truly causes deep, powerful, and lasting transformational change.  Inspired after reading a plethora of self-help and personal development books, I began to create theories and models of what it takes to transform one's own life.  Throughout the years, as I continued to read and learn more about the workings of the human mind and spirit, I evolved and refined my model of transformation.  In 2012, after I had completed my coach training and officially became a transformational coach, I revealed what is now call The 6 Pathways to Radiance, a unique and universal framework for for transformation.  I reverse engineered this framework from years of research, study, and experimentation.  
This framework became the foundation of my Coaching Program.  I integrated different modalities of emotional healing, personal growth, and transformation such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Resolution®, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Coaching Happiness (Dr. Robert Holden), Emotion Code, Pranic Healing, Brainspotting, Belief Closet (Lion Goodman), and Ho'oponopono.  I distilled the most powerful and effective techniques I knew and fused them together to create unique transformational processes.  Some techniques came to me through divine inspiration and have been refined over years of practice.  Others I have created by synergistically combining different techniques to produce powerful transformational results.
The innovative blend of transformational techniques that make up my unique coaching processes have changed my life and the lives of my clients.

Guided by Radiance

I am not here to fix you.  You are not broken. 
I am not here to help you become more.  You already are enough. 
I am not here to teach you to strengthen your will so you can make changes in your life.  Transformational change feels effortless when it is aligned with who you truly are.  
I am here as a guide to help you see clearly so you can uncover your true self. 
When you become aware of what you feel, how your perceptions shape your world, and what is really driving your life, you discover what is and isn't the real you.  When you learn powerful ways to transform the emotions, beliefs and motivations that are conflicting with who you truly are, you can experience real freedom.  When you free yourself to shine your truth, you ignite your passion for life and the aliveness that is your Radiance.​ 
When you can see past all that is limiting you, you will realize that you are already whole, perfect and powerful beyond belief.
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